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Warm And Sunny San Diego :)

Ahhhhhh, last week was so nice. I was in San Diego for work and it was sunny and 70 all week. Some days even got into the 80s. My hotel and the convention center were right on the bay and the breeze was very pleasant as well. I stayed in the San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina. I really need to start putting up some photos. I’ll try to do that later tonight. I didn’t bring my camera this time but I’m going down again this week so I’ll try to bring it so I can get some more photos. The photos I have are from my co-worker’s camera.

Of course every day was spent inside. Every day but the first when we purposely arrived early and walked around the city. We had lunch at a mexican restaurant and somehow the food just tasted better closer to the boarder. We also walked around Petco Park which is where the San Diego Padres play baseball. Since the movie 300 had just come out we tried our luck and being the middle of the day there were still tickets so we got to see that. It was great, but that’s not what this post is about. After the movie it started to cool down a little bit and we went back to the hotel. Meanwhile my co-worker got a call from his gf in Seattle and she said it was pouring rain. So nice to be away from that for a while!

Later that night I met my friend David who volunteered in Jamaica with me and lives in San Diego. We went out and he showed me around a little bit. The Gaslamp Quarter was pretty cool. It’s pretty much the hip strip downtown. We had dinner at a nice Italian place. The waiter was almost a little too helpful but nice. We walked around looking for a club or bar to go to but eventually just called it a night since we both had work in the morning. Next time he’s going to try to take me to one of the beach towns since we’ll have more time.

The last day I was there we scheduled a late flight out so we had the whole day. We hit up the San Diego Zoo which was very nice and also very large! Could have easily spent the entire day there and we spent a good 4hrs there as it was. Some of the highlights were these eagles. I don’t recall what they were exactly but they were just so enormous! The rhino was also so impressive up close. His skin really looks like armor over his shoulders. Looks impenetrable. Of course the photos will be much better than words so I’ll try to get a few of those up soon. Until then, I’m looking forward to my next trip down in a few days.

4 comments to Warm And Sunny San Diego :)

  • daphne

    zoo??? 4 hrs??? i don’t like… hahahaha! it doesn’t matter anyway. 😛

    i wish i could have fun too, if i travel overseas for work. IF. xD

  • Maybe travel overseas to consult on a website you are building??

    Don’t like animals at the zoo? Or just don’t like to see them confined?

  • daphne

    hahaha, nah, i don’t think i’ll do that. everyone does websites anyway! 😛

    i don’t like zoo actually. smelly. opps!

  • Yea, it is smelly… especially the camels… yuk. Oh well, maybe it’s just not for you!