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My Network Attached Storage Solution – Part 2.5 – Update

I’ve been at a loss for what to do with my NAS for a while. I have over 1TB of storage just sitting in my room not being used. I got paid the other day and when we flew into San Diego we went to Fry’s Electronics store because we had to upgrade some computers with more RAM before the show started. I decided to check out some RAID controllers. I saw one that I remembered being on the compatibility list for FreeBSD and the box even advertised drivers for FreeBSD among other Operating Systems. I can’t remember the name of the card right now but I’ll put up a list of all the hardware at a later date. The only thing that worried me was that I couldn’t be 100% sure whether my motherboard supported PCI-X or PCI-Express. I believe it was the shorter one so and that’s what the image looked like so I got it. Taking a $150 chance but I’m fairly certain I’m correct.

Once I get back home I’ll be sure to try it out and hopefully be able to post a part 3 of this journey.

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